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Great flavor… just the right blend of spice.

Pepperjack Seasoning
Kelly Patterson
Tastes great!

Great flavor and just enough spice!

Taste great just like all the other dips


Love all the dips. The loaded baked potato dip was divine! Great with chips or veggies!

Great dip mix !!!

This mix is great. Family and friends love it.
Just ordered 5 more.

Bacon Seasoning Mix
Kaitlyn Menser

We used the bacon dip mix to make a cheeseball and it was so delicious!! We rolled ours in cheddar cheese after mixing the mix with cream cheese and it was so good! Highly recommend!!

Authentic Italian Trio
Barbara Pettifer
Love it

Just perfect for what I needed it for and the packaging really made it cute.


Adorable packaging, smells wonderful! Giving as gifts and I think they will be well received.

Tuscan Bread Dipping Oil

The best introduction

Variety Pack best introduction to the various flavors--not a bad one in the bunch--or a way for a little variety.

Fiesta Seasoning
Jamie Cunningham
This is our families favorite dip!

We use this as per directions or we use it in our taco meat. It’s also great in a 7 layer taco dip. You can’t go wrong with the Fiesta.

Best Intro and Variety

To just sample or simply to have a little of the best. This pack will do the trick!

White cheddar jalapeno dip

The white cheddar jalapeno dip is amazing. It definitely has a zip to it.

BEST of the BEST Bundle
Marilynn Choate

Sorry I don't know. I give them to the Divine family for Christmas.

Can't wait to try the dips!

I was traveling when they arrived but when I opened my mailbox, I knew what it was before even looking at the label. I can't wait to try them this holiday season. Part of my order are Christmas stocking stuffers.

Bacon Collection FALL
Diane Rice

Love all these dips

Hannah's Hot Buffalo Dip Mix

Fiesta Seasoning
Michelle Langford
Amazing and Delicious!

Not only did it ship so quickly, they smelled so good that when they arrived we didn’t even wait for the party to dive in. Can’t wait to try the rest. Delicious!!

So versatile!

Hannah’s hot Buffalo dip is also great on steamed vegetables, chicken bites and pork loin, perfect for anyone on a low carb diet. Love it 🥰

Sweet Onion was Fabulous!

We have purchase dips from other companies at home shows this by far was one of the best tasting.


Our family loves the bread oil. The Tuscan Bread Oil is our favorite. I recommend it to everyone. Just make sure you have a lot of bread. You're going to need it!


This bread oil is AMAZING! I usually get dip for the family and we go at it with tortilla chips. THIS oil now has me going to the bread aisle instead of the chip aisle! It is sooooooo good! Especially the next day. I'd say the day after that but it didn't last that long. Also, it's worth it to use the fancy extra virgin olive oil. You totally won't regret it! Can't wait to order this again!

Spicy Collection
Heidi Payne
Soooo Good!!

Great for a party. Everyone loved it!

Bacon Collection
Heidi Payne
Bacon Horseradish Was Our Favorite!

LOVE this collection! It was so good, I gave a package to my dad for Father's Day. Then he told me I was his favorite! This can happen for you too! The power of bacon is immeasurable!

Bacon Seasoning Mix
Jennifer Faria
So delicious!

If you love bacon and onion dip, this is like they married each other…so delicious! Garlicky kick as well, one of Divine Dips best!